GetFOMO Super Simple, Quick n' Dirty Sales Page

Sales funnel is coming, we promise!

5 Locations

5 Locations
$497 Lifetime Deal

20 Locations
$997 Lifetime Deal

$1,997 Lifetime Deal

Super quick FAQ

  • Can I white label this? Yes.

  • How many users and impressions do I get? Unlike the other proof apps, your license is unlimited.

  • Does it work on Funnels & Websites? YES. It works on every site - even non GHL sites!

  • How does it work? It's a simple script that you insert into a funnel or web page. It leverages up to 3 GHL tags to pull real users from your location.

  • Is it a snapshot, or...? No, it's a funnel share that includes the instructions and the sample code. Deployment is super easy.

  • Do you have any training? Yup! We've got a membership that walks you through everything from licensing to setup and deployment.

  • How do I license it? In the Member area, you can manage your locations and licenses.

  • Easy to install? Yup! We have a configurator in the membership area to do all the work for you.

  • Can I use it on multiple pages? Yup! You can use one set of tags at tope of funnel, and different tags on different pages to show actions taken.

  • Can I style it? Yes, we have a very simple layout/CSS that's super easy to use.